The Last Friend

The Ultimutt Adventure

The Last Friend is an action-packed adventure of saving doggos. Beat hordes of relentless enemies using brutal punches, powerful kicks or well-timed grabs; deploy ruthlessly effective defenses and customize your fighting style by teaming-up with your doggo-friends. Can you save all the good bois?

About the game

In a not too distant post-apocalyptic future, a man and his chihuahua set off on the adventure of a lifetime. Beat your way through hordes of heavily tanned mutants, electrifying enemies and one or two tofu aficionados, to protect your precious cargo, your doggos, and truly become a dog’s best and maybe last friend.

  • Dynamic 2D style and animation.
  • Nostalgic feeling that echoes classic arcade Beat’em-ups.
  • Fascinating characters set the ground for an engaging story.
  • Team up with your dogs to channel their skills and customize your fighting style.
  • A multi-tasking experience that merges strategy and action for all those dog-lover players out there!.

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