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Viking Raid is a live action touch based game that fuses sharp instincts and strategic gameplay for an addictive tower defense blend.

Based in San Salvador, El Salvador
Genre: Pending
Release Date: Q3, 2017
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Viking Raids

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Get ready for Viking Raid!

After successfully conquering the main lands of Galdürheim, the relentless army of the Dark Vikings started pushing through the infinite north. Driven by their insane leader, King Vitlaus, the legion has destroyed everything in their path, slaughtering each living being that showed up in their way and transforming them into soldiers of this grim force.
Only One human stronghold remains standing still: the city of Vonljös, home of the ancient Order of the Wizards of Fate. As the guardian, it’s your duty to protect the city from the Viking Raid, and force them to return to their cursed land. Nevertheless, its king won’t rest until they have taken over every civilization of Galdürheim. Will you be able to beat them or will you join their legion?

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