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Orbit Drop is a hard as nails and rapid fire arcade shooter designed to test your resolve and gaming skills. Embark into a new, exciting sci-fi scenario, crawling with several enemies and epic bosses ready to destroy every lifeform in each planet you visit. Orbit Drop combines shooting action with strategy and fast-response abilities such as dodging projectiles, avoiding traps, defeating hundreds of enemies and much more.

Based in San Salvador, El Salvador
Genre: Arcade shooter
Release Date: Q3, 2017


Orbit Drop

1 396x360 orbit
3 396x360 orbit
2 396x360 orbit

Orbit Drop is a rapid fire arcade shooter

Forced to abandon his damaged spaceship, RAID, an elite space trooper, does the unthinkable in the middle of an important mission: dropping himself into outer space, only with his space suit and a couple of laser guns to fight all the threats between him and his objective. Only you can help him survive this dangerous journey that will test his will to the max.
100 Levels: Test your abilities in the Campaign Mode, visiting every planet through 100 unique levels and missions in each one of them.
Epic Bosses: Defeat 5 galactic Army Bosses including the GrimBeard Reaper.
Collect sparks: Gather as much sparks as possible in each level, in order to buy more powerful weapons, unlock new space suits, get some special power ups and much more!
Cool Game Modes: You think the levels are too easy? Test yourself in the “Infinite Drop” mode and try to beat the score of players around the world. Will you be good enough to reach the first place?

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