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Nano Squadron under development by Debry Hat Games is a Shooter, Sci/fi game that presents an hypothetical scenario, in the year 2045, the year where NANO WAR 2.0 began due to the outbreak of the most lethal virus ever seen by the human kind, the virus has taken the live of about 95% of the population in the planet.

Developer: Derby Hat Games
Genre: Shooter / sci-fi
Release Date: Q4 2018


Nano Squadron

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An Action and Adventure Game influenced by the Cosmic Horror and Science Fiction

Nano War is developed inside infected bodies, between an army of microscopic robots and Shogggoth, a virus that came to earth during the Paleozoic era bout 350 million years ago, in 1946 the scientist Bernard Von Kreuz, one of the most brilliant minds on earth, is sentenced to death for crimes and abuses against humanity during World War II. In a C.I.A secret operation, Bernard is preserved alive as a cybernetic organism, which years later rises against its captors, creating the sect bio-terrorist ULTIMATE THULE responsible for spreading the virus throughout the earth.

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