23/04/2017 11:45 pm

Ludus becomes partner of the best video game Publisher in Netherlands

Ludus achieve and agreement with Indietopia, one of the biggest Video Games Publishers in Netherlands and Europe. With them, Ludus Dev Partners will have more opportunities to positionate themselves in popular platforms like Steam.

There are so much talent in El Salvador and the Latin America region. And with this partnership, all Ludus clientes, will have open channels for projects and productions towards the international video games and animation markets. Plus, there will be more privileges than a normal Indie Dev has with commercial platforms.

The first video game that Indietopia is commercialized is  Stereo Aereo from the salvadoran Stonebot Studios. And since December 2016, this games is available on Steam where the Indie worldwide gamers community can purchase it.

The main benefit of this agreement between Ludus and Indietopia is that all Ludus Dev Partners won’t pass the famous Steam Greenlight. This greenlight is a filter that the vast majority of Indie Dev pass in order to know if their video game is good enough for Steam, it’s a votation between users to decide which game pass and which doesn’t.  That means that every video game commercialized by Ludus will have direct and exclusive access to be publicated immediately in the biggest virtual video game platform of the whole world: Steam. 

23/04/2017 11:43 pm

Salvadoran Video Game Company is the first Latin American publisher for PlayStation 4

Ludus has become the first Sony’s Publisher in Latin America, no other company has this category in the region. According to Mike Foster, Developer Relations at Sony Interactive Entertainment America LLC, Ludus is responsible for the selection of the best videogames of the region and lead them to Sony video game consoles.

Ludus is the first video games and animations Publisher in El Salvador. It was created to help our Dev Partners in the process of commercialization of their video games into the general market by providing them the following services: publishing, marketing, sales and PR required to achieve commercial success.

With the formalization of being a Sony’s Publisher, Ludus received an inversion on equipment with a value of $8,000.00 to develop and test video games on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Being the only owners of Sony’s testing Kits in Latin America .

Also, it had been a negotiation with Sony and with the other dos video games giants to lend the development and testing kits to all our Dev Partners. With this, they will reduce their costs because they won’t need to buy these kits.

“Counting with this support by PlayStation is an incredible satisfaction and compromise. We received congratulations of many people on the industry of different countries like Argentina and Costa Rica, because of the initiative of establish LUDUS as a company focused in the commercialization of video games and animation”, according to Alessandro Biollo, Director of Ludus Company.

Sony allows to Ludus to registrate any Dev Partners as Official Sony Developers. In the last months, Ludus obtain an agreement with PlayStation 4 for the distribution of the video game Sancho Villa, from the mexican studio 2DNutz. Also, Ludus is testing on PlayStation 4 the salvadoran video game Stereo Aereo from Stonebot Studios

Currently, the company is commercializing video games on mobile devices, PC and consoles. Also, Ludus is helping others Developers to generate synergies between them, to obtain inversion in video games development and/or upgrades. 

Ludus had presence with the portfolio of their Dev Partner Studios on the most important animation and video games worldwide events. These events are in many countries such as USA, Canada and Taiwan. For example, events as Game Developers Conference, Game ON Ventures, Kidscreen Summit, Indie Cade L.A. and Taiwan Creative Expo. Also, Ludus has on schedule many more events for the 2017 where will present the creative projects of all the Dev Partner Studios.

Countries like El Salvador are starting to be on the focus of the worldwide video game community. Because of the participation on special events and the negotiations that still ongoing with many International firms.

21/04/2017 05:18 pm

Salvadoran Video Games companies participate in the world biggest Game Developers Conference (GDC)

Five salvadoran companies participated in the world biggest video game developers conference, thanks to valuable help of salvadoran institutions such as  PROESA, DICA and FONDEPRO. This event, also known as GDC (Game Developers Conference), had a duration of five days in which the participants attend to lectures, panels, tutorials, debates and also group discussions tought by the best worldwide experts of the videogame and animation market.

Ludus attended he GDC 2017 with Derby Hat, Therr, Glitch and Stonebot. With the goal of establish contact with important publishers, networking generation and also, now that Ludus is an official Sony publisher, to strengthen relationship with PlayStation.

Ludus made an important networking contact with some of the best people of Xbox, Nintendo and Asian Publishers. With whom, Ludus will have concrete actions in the following months.

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